Academica Conferences 2013

Information about the programme of Academica conferences 2013:

„Germany in Europe, Europe in Germany“
From September 29 to October 2, the Institute of Government and Politics (IGP) will be one of the main organizers of the 17th German-Estonian Academica conference. The Academica conference (also known as the Deutsch-Estnische Akademische Woche) was begun in 1995 as a special event for developing scholarly contacts between Estonia and Germany.
This year's events will take place in two parts, the first one being led by the IGP (in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics and the European College). The theme will be "Germany in Europe, Europe in Germany" and will feature a range of lectures and discussions about the relationship between Germany and the European financial crisis, both before and after the recent Bundestag elections.
The plenary event will take place on October 1 with a lecture by the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, on „Increased unemployment in EU among young people: how to improve the situation“. The talk will be followed by a roundtable discussion on “Germany amidst the European economic crisis: rogue or redeemer?” featuring six different German scholars and guests invited as part of the Academica events.
Additional lectures will take place within the IGP, including a special profile of the Bundestag election by Prof. Dr. Florian Grotz from the Helmut Schmidt Universität (Hamburg). The talk will be on Monday, September 30 at 16:15 and will be entitled „The Bundestag elections 2013: Alles beim alten?“.
A second talk will be given on October 2 at 16.15 by Prof. Peter Schulze (Universität Göttingen) on „German-Russian Relations as a Factor in the EU’s Eastern Policy“.

"Anfänge der modernen Staatsverwaltung" 
Quellen, Entwicklungen und Perspektiven in Deutschland und in Estland
24.–25. Oktober 2013 in Tartu
Aula der Universität, Ülikooli 18

Contact: Marju Luts-Sootak, Assistant Director, dr. iur.

Telephone: +372 737 5396, email:

School of Law
Näituse 20 - 324, 50409, Tartu, Eesti


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