Academica Conference 2014

The conference is organized by University of Tartu and foundation Domus Dorpatensis in cooperation with German partners (University of Bonn, Goethe Institute, University of Kiel, University of Göttingen, University of Duisburg-Essen, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Weierstrass Institute, The Federation of Employers' Associations of North Rhine-Westphalia and The German Embassy in Estonia).

Academica 2014 conference "Young People as Constructors of Our Future. Trowel, Computer, Compass - to Whom and Why?" is dealing with the questions like: Why should young people take part in science creating? How has the new media changed the communication? What are the figures showing about the young people’s choices and are the MOOCs relevant in the future of learning?

Contact: Silver Bohl, Marketing Specialist, European College at University of Tartu

University of Tartu
Lossi 36-126, Tartu 51003
Tel +372 737 6379

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